Services A-Z (142)


25Live Resource Management Request

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Token Activation


Account Extension Request

Adaptive Furniture Request

Adobe Font Folio Removal Agreement

Appeal Request

Ask a Runway Question

ASL Interpreter Request

Asset Tag Request

Audio Visual Systems Request (In development)

AV Systems / Classroom Equipment Request (In Development)

Avaya Workplace Request


Banner Workflow Error Help Request

Blog Request

Box Folder Request

Box Group Request

BPM Approval Form

BWISE Program


Change Major Request

Classroom Technology Orientation

Cognos Folder Access Request

Complete Withdrawal/Leave Form (In Development)

Computer Setup

Confidentiality Agreement

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure (In Development)

Consultation Request

Course Substitution Request

Cyber Range Virtual Machine Request


Data Request

Digitization Request Form


Faculty Hiring Request

Forward Voicemail to Email


Go-dot Redirect URL

Google Faculty Websites

Google Group Request

Google Groups

Google Shared Mailbox / Calendar Request

Google Sites Request

Graduate Assistant (GA) Contract


Institutional Review Board (IRB) D-1 Fast-Track Classroom Research Application

Institutional Review Board (IRB) D-2 Fast-Track Survey/Interview Application

Institutional Review Board (IRB) General Application for Exemption

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Non-Exempt Application

IT Equipment Disposal

IT General Help Request

IT Infrastructure Request

IT Project Request

IT Support Request

IT Task


Knowledge Base Article Add or Modify


Leave Request (In Development)

Linux Workstation Registration

Local Admin Request (In Development)


Mobile Device Request

Moving Expense Form

Multifunction Printer Request


New Campus Residence Network Drop (In Development)

New Hire (In Development)

New Network Drop


Password Change

Payment, Award, and Gift Guide

Porches Announcements Access

Procurement & Payment Services Request

Promotion Review

Psychology Research Review and Ethics Committee (RREC) D-2 Fast-Track Survey / Interview Application

Psychology Research Review and Ethics Committee (RREC) General Application for Both Exempt and Non-Exempt Studies


Relocation Benefit

Report a Classroom Technology Issue

Report a Failure to Accommodate

Report a Problem with the Dayton Regional Cyber Range

Request Repurposed IT Equipment for Campus Use

Research Request

Reserve Equipment


Salary Increase

SBA Service Request

Service Offering Add or Modify

Sierra Accounts

Software Package Management

Software Request

Space Project Request

Staffing Update

Strategic Staff Hiring

System Access Request

System Task


Udayton Short Link Generator

University Data Reporting Request


Visiting Scholar Application

Visiting Scholar Extension Request

Voicemail Password Reset

Voluntary Medical Withdrawal


Zoom Consultation Request