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Supervisors should use this form to initiate HR (and where applicable, provost review) review of a promotion, lateral move, or direct placement request after submitting the change in PageUp.

The University of Dayton's promotion policy seeks to ensure opportunity for internal mobility, providing a mechanism whereby employees can be recognized and rewarded for successful performance and professional development at the University, consistent with the commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.

Promotions may result from an upward reclassification of an existing position or from an employee directly appointed to or applying for and becoming the successful candidate of a position posted either internally and/or externally. A promotion may occur as follows:


A request for reclassification can be made to the Office of Human Resources, as a result of an employee consistently performing duties at a higher degree of responsibility and complexity than his or her current position entails. For a reclassification to be considered, the hiring manager (with appropriate Dean/Vice President approval(s)) should first submit a modified position description to Human Resources (HR/Compensation) via the applicant tracking/position management system (PageUp) and then complete this form.

The reclassification request will be evaluated for classification and salary recommendations.


When a vacancy occurs, the posting process may be waived in lieu of a promotion and direct placement upon approval of a promotion review request. To qualify as a promotion the following criteria must be addressed:

  • Job-related factors including minimum and preferred qualifications of the position; employee’s performance; skills and abilities; relevant experience; professional development; education, etc.
  • Natural progression of the position responsibilities from the current to the promotional position
  • Unique qualifications or situation, making the employee uniquely qualified. “Uniquely qualified” could mean an individual who exceeds the minimum and preferred qualifications of the position and possesses demonstrated specialized skills and/or experience directly related to the success of the promotional position and the University of Dayton.

Other factors not included in this form, but considered by the Office of Human Resources and Compliance and Affirmative Action include, but are not limited to, affirmative action considerations such as employment market, availability of the promotional position, departmental demographic composition, and corresponding goals.

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