Capital Project - Project Request

Consent from your Dean, VP or Associate Provost is required prior to completing this form. Once submitted, this request will be forwarded to senior staff in Facilities for review.

To better steward our shared campus resources, UD requires oversight on requests for capital projects and equipment. This process helps ensure that University leadership and project planning teams are on the same page with regard to cost, responsibilities, deadlines and objectives.

To submit a request for capital projects or equipment over $100,000  Select "Request Service" button to the right.

To submit a request for minor repairs click work request.

Project Requests must be submitted one week prior to scheduled CPARC meetings to be considered for review:

CPARC meetings: Deadline for requests to be submitted:
Jul 24th mtg submit by Jul 17th
Aug 28th mtg submit by Aug 21st
Sep 27th mtg  submit by Sep 18th
Oct 23rd mtg submit by Oct 16th
Nov 27th mtg submit by Nov 20th
Jan 4th mtg submit by Dec 25th
Jan 29th mtg submit by Jan 22nd
Feb 26th mtg submit by Feb 19th
Mar 25th mtg submit by Mar 18th
Apr 22nd mtg submit by Apr 15th
May 29th mtg submit by May 13th
Jun 24th mtg submit by Jun 17th

Phase I: Proposal Development Process   
Once you have completed the Capital Project Request Form it will be forwarded to senior staff in both Facilities and IT for review along with a copy to your respective Dean, VP or Associate Provost.  Be sure to identify the point of contact in the form in case additional information is needed.  Upon completion of this preliminary review a project charter will be created for presentation purposes to Capital Projects Advisory Review Committee (CPARC). Depending on the complexity of the project, the requestor may be invited to participate in the presentation to CPARC.

Phase II: Feasibility and Approval Process  
The CPARC consists of senior leadership from the following offices: the Provost Office, the Office of Finance and Administrative Services, Facilities Management and the Office of Budget and Planning. The committee will meet monthly  to review and assess the feasibility, funding and time frame for the proposed projects. Additional meetings may be required to better facilitate construction during peak seasons.

Phase III: Project Management Process  
Upon approval, your request will be assigned key stakeholders to coordinate efforts in the advancement of the project:
   Facilities Project Manager
   Division Budget Manager
   Treasury Office
   Office of the Controller
   Office of Budget and Planning

Project Requests must be submitted one week prior to scheduled CPARC meetings to be considered for review:

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