Strategic Staff Hiring

If you are processing this position request through PageUp you are no longer required to process through the Team Dynamix system. If you are not specifically using PageUp please proceed through Team Dynamix unless specifically excluded per the directions below.

The University of Dayton is updating the Staff Position Request form to more directly ensure only those positions deemed to be critical to the University’s educational, research and Marianist missions are considered for hiring. The process will assist the University’s efforts to control operational and personnel costs by encouraging the University community to be thoughtful stewards of the University resources.

The completion of this form is required for all new or replacement staff positions (excluding faculty, UDRI contract or bargaining unit positions). The form will be reviewed by the VPFAS and Provost before being recommended to the President. The President must give final approval before a position can be posted & filled. Please allow 5-10 business days for this process.


Process (Process & Procedures for Budget and Planning Request):

  1. Requestor completes form and confirms the Hiring Manager has approved the request.

  2. Division budget manager receives the form and verifies the funding information and confirms the division Dean/VP has approved the request.

  3. The form is routed to the Budget and Planning office which reviews it for completeness and confirms the budget information is accurate.

  4. Information is summarized and forwarded to the Provost and VPFAS for review twice a week.

  5. Positions approved by the Provost and VPFAS are recommended to the President weekly.

  6. The Budget and Planning office will notify the department if the position was approved. The department can then move forward with the hiring process through People Admin.

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