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The University provisions and/or sponsors mobile devices that require a cellular service plan (cell phones, MiFis, routers, data cards) for positions or departments in which these are deemed necessary to fulfill job responsibilities. Eligibility for a University-sponsored device is determined by the dean or vice president of each division and should meet one of the following business needs:

1. Extensive field work (on-campus)
2. Significant travel (off-campus)
3. Safety & emergency personnel
4. Critical decision-maker (on-call)
5. Critical infrastructure support (on-call)
6. Shared/duty device (not assigned to a specific individual)
7. Need for off-campus data / internet access (MiFi’s, routers, data cards)

In most instances, UD sponsors cell phones by providing a monthly stipend (generally $50) to the eligible employee to offset the cost of their personally-owned device. The University will provide UD-owned cell phones for safety/emergency personnel and for shared/duty devices. UD-owned cell phones require installation of UD’s mobile device management software to enable basic security measures.

Use this form to request a new University-sponsored device or to make a change to an existing device. Requests for new devices will be routed to your unit’s budget manager for final approval.

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  • Faculty
  • Staff

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