Mobile Device Management (MDM) at UD

How do I install MDM software?

You'll find instructions for installing Mobile Device Management at the pages linked below. Reach out to the IT Service Center if you run into any problems with installation or setup. 

What does Mobile Device Management (MDM) do?

While mobile devices support security features, many users embed passwords for email and other services and forgo device passwords. In the case of loss or theft, someone could easily access information from the device -- including sensitive or confidential University data.

To reduce this risk, UD uses Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to enforce the following security standards on all UD-sponsored devices: 

  • Device password (the password requirement may also extend to connected devices like smart watches)
  • Data encryption
  • Idle timeout
  • "Jail break" monitoring

UD does NOT use Mobile Device Management software to monitor how you use your mobile device. The software does not collect logs of who you call, what you text, location, etc. Our priority is security; MDM software is installed simply to safeguard data in the event a phone is lost or stolen.  These efforts to protect university data have the extra benefit of protecting your personal data as well.

As outlined in UD’s Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Use policy: "the University does not, as a rule, monitor the content of materials transported over the University’s network or information posted on University-owned computers and networks, but reserves the right to do so” (for example, to address requests presented to us by Legal, HR and/or Public Safety). This is true concerning University-sponsored mobile devices, as well.

Why would I need to install UD’s MDM software on my personal phone?

Some UD employees' roles require them to travel extensively on behalf of the University, remain on-call outside of “normal” business hours to address emergencies or business needs, or conduct a significant portion of work in the field or away from a designated landline phone. In the course of this work, these employees use their mobile devices to access enterprise resources (UD email, documents stored in Google Drive or Box, credit card payment solutions, work order systems, etc.). For employees who meet one or more of these criteria, the University sponsors mobile devices, generally by providing a monthly phone stipend to offset the partial business use of an employee's personal phone. 

To be eligible for the monthly stipend, MDM software must remain installed on your phone to protect the business data you may be accessing from this device. If the software isn’t “checking in” with the MDM software server on a regular basis, we’ll reach out to let you know so you can make sure it’s reconnected and you can continue receiving your stipend. 


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