Computing tools and resources available to UD students, faculty and staff.

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Accounts & Access

Getting started, managing your UD username & password and UD's 2-factor authentication program

Campus Printing

Printing over UD's network to campus Multi-Function Devices (MFDs)

Computer Resources

Computer updates, data storage and recovery

Enterprise Applications & Academic Software

Core systems & applications that support university operations, including Google Workspace, Porches, Banner, Cognos, Box, Zoom and Adobe Sign.

IT Support, Training & Policies

Information on IT support, computer security and safe computing, training opportunities, and various IT policies and guidelines.

Network Access

Connecting phones, laptops, gaming devices to the UD network

Phones & TV

Campus phones, voicemail, UD mobile devices and TV / cable services

Articles (1)

Working Remotely

View best practices and recommendations for remote work preparation and implementation.