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Campus printing, data storage and backup, student computer requirement

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Campus Printing

Information about printing over UD's network to campus Multi-Function Devices (MFDs)

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Cabling / Wiring Installation and Repair

UDit provides infrastructure wiring service to support cable TV, digital signage, door access, network ports, security cameras, and telephone ports.

Data Storage, Back-Up and Recovery

Store, backup, and restore data on your Mac or Windows computer.

Device Service and Repairs

Technology Support Representatives offer quick-fix and fee-based services for faculty/staff personally owned computers and notebooks, smart phones, student notebooks, as well as University owned systems.

IT Equipment Services

University IT Directors and affiliated IT staff are encouraged to request reallocated computer hardware from UDit as needed.

Recovering Your BitLocker PIN

If you have forgotten your BitLocker PIN, follow the steps below to obtain a recovery key and unlock the encrypted computer.