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Information about installing UD-licensed software on personally-owned devices for currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.
UD password requirements and procedures for changing your UD password, setting challenge questions, and updating wireless connection settings.
The University of Dayton offers wireless network access for both UD account holders and campus guests. These wireless networks include Eduroam and UDwireless.
The University of Dayton provides cable TV services for all on-campus residences (with the exception of Irving Commons and Rogge St.).
The University of Dayton supports online gaming and Internet TV devices on the residential wireless network in the residence halls and neighborhoods. You need to register your device's MAC address for it to work on the UD network.
University of Dayton account holders are required to use 2FA to access protected systems including Porches, UD Gmail, Banner and Isidore.
Resources for UD applications, instructor-led training class calendar / registration, and online training links and additional resources.
Unlike a consumer Gmail account, a UD Gmail account is administered by UD, offered ad-free, and offers unlimited email storage space. Your UD Gmail address is in the format of <UD_username>@udayton.edu.
If you have forgotten your BitLocker PIN, follow the steps below to obtain a recovery key and unlock the encrypted computer.
Using UD's campus printers from your computer and mobile device.
Porches, a digital gathering place that provides tools for personal, educational, and business needs, is available to UD faculty, staff, and students.
Accessing sensitive data or resources when away from campus, or accessing your office computer from home
View best practices and recommendations for remote work preparation and implementation.
Voice recording software that helps UD faculty, staff, and students pronounce each others names.
Get started with this step-by-step guide to have your technology up and running in no time.
Discover how to turn physical forms into digital files with Adobe Sign. Also learn how to transform Microsoft Word, JPG, and PNG files into PDF documents.
Zoom is UD's enterprise tool for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat and webinars. View documentation, step-by-step procedures, and training materials on a variety of Zoom topics including meeting strategies and settings.
UDiversity is a short online training module for incoming UD students on topics related to diversity and cultural awareness.