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View in-depth, step-by-step documentation on a variety of Banner topics including Cognos Reporting and more.
Porches, a digital gathering place that provides tools for personal, educational, and business needs, is available to UD faculty, staff, and students.
Visio and Project are two frequently requested Microsoft applications that are available indirectly to current UD faculty, students and staff through our Microsoft enterprise license for free (faculty and students) or a substantially reduced cost (staff).
Learn about the UD activated Gmail Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security feature and how it protects your data.
Steps you should take to ensure your Zoom meeting’s security, and quickly respond if your meeting becomes disrupted.
Google Workspace is UD's integrated communication and collaboration suite.  Based on the Google Apps for Education offering to higher education and K-12 customers, it is a robust (and ad-free) "business" version of the free consumer Google applications. Google Workspace accounts are provided to all UD students, faculty, and staff upon enrollment or employment.
UDit provides access to software that helps you accomplish academic and work related tasks.
Jamboard is Google’s whiteboard which is connected to the G-suite. Users have the ability to present, edit and share files during jams (meetings) with Google services like Drive, Sheets, and Slides. Users can also participate in the jams in the actual room or on devices that have the respective companion app.
UD offers two Google Sites services: Group Sites and Faculty Sites. Group sites provide collaborative web pages for teams, labs, working groups, etc. Using Google Group sites, groups can publish, access, share, and edit a variety of information (e.g., videos, calendars, presentations, attachments and text) in one place. Group sites can have multiple "owners."
UD’s Novell file storage will be decommissioned on 6/1/21; this article provides information about moving personal Novell files.
New to Windows 10 or wanting to advance knowledge of Windows 10 to increase productivity
Google additional services and Google Marketplace apps available at UD.
Directions for saving your UD Gmail to a personal Gmail account before your University account is deleted.
Procedures for transferring individual files from My Drive to Shared Drives.