Device Service and Repairs

Technology Support Representatives (TSRs) offer quick-fix and fee-based services for:

  • Current faculty / staff personally owned computers and notebooks

  • Smart phones

  • Student notebooks

  • University owned systems

Data back-up


  • Replace data after restoring system to original state

  • Replace failing hard drive with new drive (backup not always possible if drive fails to boot)

  • Transfer data to new computer


  • $1/GB selected from Documents, Music, Pictures and other files as requested

           NOTE: Provide your own external drive so you can keep a copy of the backup.

Best Practices

  • Backup on a regular basis before something goes wrong

Hardware installation/teardown


  • Install replacement parts

  • Open machine to reseat cables, batteries, etc


  • Personally Owned System - $50 for hardware teardown + cost of part if applicable

  • UD Tagged System - no cost if serviced by your IT support unit

  • Parts

    • Personally Owned System - $50 + customer provided part for installation

    • UD Tagged System in warranty - no cost

    • UD Tagged System out of warranty - cost of part

Best Practices

  • Backup files on a regular basis before something goes wrong

Malware/Virus removal and diagnostic


  • Restore system to full functionality, eliminating errors, pop-ups, malicious code and system crashes


  • Personally Owned System - $75 

  • UD Tagged System - no cost if serviced by your IT support unit

Best Practices

  • Avoid clicking on ads or visiting unknown websites

  • Do not click links in emails from unknown senders

  • Only install software from trusted sources

  • Run antivirus scans on a regular basis and update virus definitions frequently

Software installation


  • Re-installation or upgrade of operating system

  • Convenience service for installation of available software from

  • Installation of software from customer provided media or source


  • Operating System with UD standard applications - $50 

  • Supported Software available for free from - $25 per visit

  • Software not from - $25 per visit

Best Practices

  • Use your computer for intended academic or work related purposes only 


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