2-Factor Authentication (2FA) Enrollment Guide

University of Dayton account holders are required to use 2FA to access protected systems including Porches, UD Gmail, Banner and Isidore.

2-Factor authentication or "2FA" is a security measure that verifies your identity when you log into protected systems. As "2-factor" indicates, you verify your identity with two forms of information:

  • Something you know: your UD password, AND,
  • Something you have: your phone or token.

2FA technology provides added security to UD data systems in case your password is compromised.

Watch this video about UD's 2FA program to learn why 2FA is needed and how 2FA works.

Step 1: Prepare for enrollment - choose your "second factor" device

During enrollment, you will be prompted to choose a device to register, so you'll want to decide what device you will use as your "second factor" when you log into protected systems. Most users enroll a smartphone, but you can enroll other devices as well. Learn more about device options >> 


  • Which device is most convenient for you to have on hand at work and anywhere else you might be logging into UD Gmail or other systems.
  • Smart phones and cell phones are the most popular option as a primary 2FA device because it's mobile and it's something we generally keep on hand.
  • Smart phone users have the added convenience of the Duo Mobile app which offers swipe/click approvals.
  • Cell / standard phones are convenient for receiving a phone call verification.
  • If you do not have a mobile device, you can purchase a hardware token from the UD Bookstore for generating temporary passcodes.

Step 2: Enroll online

Want a preview of the enrollment process? Watch this video to see how to enroll.

Once you're enrolled, you will be prompted for 2FA when you log into a 2FA-protected system.

Step 3: Add a back-up device

While optional, we highly recommend registering a second device, like a landline phone (non-cellphone) or another mobile device.

A second device provides you a back-up in case your primary device is:

  • Out of battery
  • Left at home
  • Lost
  • Broken
  • Otherwise unavailable

You can add a second device during your enrollment or at any time. Go to the 2FA Enrollment & Management Tool in Porches >>

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