Connecting to UD's Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network

Secure Wi-Fi for UD students, faculty and staff

Smart devices on the campus network

Connecting gaming devices and Internet TV to the UD network

Open Wi-Fi for guests and visitors

Off campus access to the UD network

Secure Wi-Fi for UD students, faculty and staff

Set up your wireless devices (including laptops) by running the EduRoam Setup Wizard from each device while on campus. You'll be prompted to install the Secure W2 agent on your device and return to the setup wizard to complete the configuration process. 

If you're connecting an Apple computer, see the directions for Joining EduRoam on Mac Computers.

Use this setup tool when first configuring your device or immediately following a password change to refresh your connection settings.

NOTE: If the setup is unsuccessful, contact the IT Service Center.

Proper Wi-Fi setup connects devices safely and automatically across UD’s campus and when traveling within range of EduRoam institutions worldwide. Learn more about EduRoam.

Smart Devices on the Campus Network

Wireless printers, streaming devices, smart speakers and other smart home devices are not supported on UD’s campus network. There are several issues with attaching a device designed for use on home wireless networks to an enterprise network like we have at UD:

  • In the case of wireless printers, an individual's printer attached to campus Wi-Fi would be visible and available to use by all students attached to the network.
  • Because there is no single standard for how consumer smart devices connect to and function on an enterprise network, comprehensive testing and support to ensure these devices can work reliably on our campus is unfeasible. 

As a result, use of these devices is not supported on UD's wireless network:

  • Wireless printers
  • Amazon Echo / Dot
  • Apple Bonjour services like AirPlay and AirTunes
  • Chromecast
  • Google Home
  • Devices controlled by mobile apps

Wi-Fi for guests and visitors

UDconnect provides unencrypted, temporary wireless access for campus guests.

Self-Registered Guest Access

Visitors to UD can self-register for temporary access to UDconnect. Self-registered accounts are good for 7 days. Once the account has expired, you can self-register for an additional 7 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be connected to the on-campus UD network to use the self-register URL.  Self-registered guest network access also requires a mobile phone number and an email address to fulfill UD's legal obligation of being able to identify users of UD's network. 

Sponsored Guest Access

Campus faculty and staff hosting visitors who require long-term or wired network access should review the University Policy on Volunteers, submit a Non-Employee Personnel Action Form (PAF).

Students, faculty and staff can use UDconnect for a temporary connection as they configure devices for secure network access on EduRoam.

Visitors from EduRoam institutions with devices already configured to use EduRoam will connect automatically when they arrive on campus.

Off-campus access to the UD network

Most campus resources, like UD Google Apps, Porches and Isidore, are available off-campus by logging into these websites with your UD username and password. 

However, a handful of secure campus resources, like Banner INB, and Cognos are protected from off-campus and can only be accessed through use of a remote access tool like VPN or VDI. Learn more about remote access to campus resources.

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