Supported Software

UDit provides access to software that helps you accomplish academic and work related tasks. Always make sure the software you need is compatible with the operating system you are using.

Provided software

Microsoft Products for Student, Faculty and Staff Personal Devices

Microsoft Office (Mac and Windows)




Installation Instructions

Creating a Microsoft Account (First Time Only)

Install Office -

*Microsoft Developer Tools - Azure Dev Tools for Instruction

*Faculty and students can download Microsoft Azure developer tools for educational purposes (i.e., taking or teaching a class).  University staff are not authorized to install these additional tools for everyday work.

UD Hosted Software for Students and University Devices

Cisco AnyConnect
Logger Pro
Microsoft Office for University Owned Devices (for Office on personal devices see above)
National Instruments Circuit Design Suite
Read and Write Gold 11.5

Externally Hosted Course Specific Software for Students*

Autodesk Products - AutoCAD, Civil3D, Inventor

Mathworks MatLAB

Microsoft Developer Tools - Azure Dev Tools for Instruction

Installation Instructions

*Software for instructional purposes only

Microsoft Operating Systems for Students

Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Network Printing on Campus

iPrint Client and Network Printers

Print Release

Apple Printer Drivers

Software Provided in Class


Adobe Creative Suite (Mac)

Geology (based on course enrollment)

Visual Arts

NOTE: Students - Additional software required for courses may come with the purchase of a textbook or other distribution means. Should you require assistance installing software from a source other than please provide any instructions or information you have about the software when contacting us for help.

Antivirus applications

All computers connecting to the UD Network should have an antivirus/antimalware product installed with current definitions updated on a regular basis.

  • Student Owned Machines - Use a product of your choice.

  • Faculty/Staff Personally Owned Machines - Use a product of your choice. Symantec Endpoint Protection is not available for personally owned machines.

  • UD Owned machines - Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) is the University supported product. 

Choosing an antivirus product

You may select a free or paid product from a known provider. Product reviews may help in making your selection.  


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