Getting Started with Campus Printing at UD

For common functions and procedures of campus printers including releasing print jobs, scanning documents, and more, click here.

UD has many Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) across campus that provide print, copy and scanning capabilities for students, faculty, staff and visitors. These devices allow you to:

  • Send print jobs to campus MFDs from your computer or mobile device
  • Securely release a print job directly from your selected printer to keep prints confidential
  • Reduce printed waste from abandoned documents
  • Flexibly select the printer from which to print a document

Configuring Your Device(s) to Use Campus Printers

Before you’re able to use UD’s campus printers, you’ll need to configure your device - whether that’s a computer or mobile device - with the appropriate software and settings. Follow the installation directions below appropriate to your device.

Using Campus Printers

The information below will get you started, but you’ll find more information in our Using Campus Printers resource folder.

Where can I find a campus printer?

Several campus MFDs offer pay-for-print service for UD students and campus visitors. We call this pay-for-print service "FlyerPrint." Find a UD “FlyerPrint” pay-for-print printer.

How do I pay for a print job on a campus printer?

Use your Flyer Express account which is part of your Flyer ID. Money can be added to this account by visiting

How do I send a print job to a campus printer?

Select Print from within the application and choose the right print queue for your role (student or faculty / staff) and print job type (color or black / white). 

Student print queues

  • FlyerPrint_greyscale - black / white prints
  • FlyerPrint_color - color prints

Faculty / staff print queues

  • FindMe_KM_greyscale - black / white prints
  • FindMe_KM_color - color prints

How do I release a print job from a campus printer?

Once you’ve sent a job to one our campus print queues, it won’t actually print until you “release” it. You can do this two ways: 

  1. Release your print job at the printer: Walk up to the printer, scan your UD ID card to login, select the print job and tap the Print button on the control panel.
  2. Release your print job online: Visit, login with your UD username / password and select the print job you want to release and the printer on which you want it to print.
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