Configuring Your Personally-Owned Windows Computer to Use Campus Printers

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Make sure your computer is connected to the UD network!

The directions below will allow you to send files from your personal Windows computer to Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) across UD’s campus that provide print, copy and scanning capabilities for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  1. Open the Mobility Print Printer Setup installation file.

    The installation file is stored in Box (cloud storage). If you are not logged into your Box account, a "Part of University of Dayton?" window appears. Click Continue. You may be prompted to enter your University username, password and 2FA credentials.
  2. Click the blue Download button and download pc-mobility-print-printer-setup.exe.
  3. Click to open and run the downloaded installation file. Accept the "Licence Agreement" when prompted.
  4. Select a printer to install.

    For Students: FlyerPrint_color, FlyerPrint_greyscale

    For Faculty and Staff: FindMe_KM_color, FindMe_KM_greyscale ​​

    NOTE: You can only add one printer at a time. Complete these instructions and return to step 3 to add an additional printer.
  5. Enter your UD username and password.
  6. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Once you’ve completed this installation, the print queues you installed in step 4 should be available when you try to print documents within the various applications on your computer. 

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