Recovering Your BitLocker PIN

BitLocker is the encryption software installed on all UD-owned Windows laptops. If you have forgotten your BitLocker PIN, follow the steps below to obtain a recovery key and unlock the encrypted computer. This service can be performed on and off campus.

From an unlocked computer or mobile device:

  1. Navigate to  You may be prompted for your UD login.

  2. Review the notice (shown below), check the box indicating “I have read and understand the above notice” and click Continue.

From your locked computer:

  1. From the “BitLocker” login screen (shown below), press the Esc key on your keyboard.

  2. On the “BitLocker recovery” screen (shown below), locate the Recovery key ID at the very bottom of the screen. You’ll need to type the first 8 characters of this code into the Recovery Key ID field on the page open on your unlocked device.

From an unlocked computer or mobile device:

  1. Enter the first 8 characters of the 32-digit code from the previous step into the Recovery Key ID field and select an applicable “Reason” (most likely “Lost PIN/Passphrase”).

  2. Click Get Key.
  3. Take note of the the displayed 48-digit BitLocker Recovery Key. You’ll need to enter this code on your locked computer.

From your locked computer:

Enter the 48-digit BitLocker Recovery Key in the Enter the recovery key for this drive field.


Change your BitLocker PIN

Once your computer is unlocked, you’ll want to change your BitLocker PIN.

  1. Open the Control Panel and search for “BitLocker Encryption Options”.

  2. In the “Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring” window, click “Manage your PIN”.

  3. Choose a new PIN that you will be able to remember and enter it under “Type new PIN” and “Confirm PIN.”

  4. Click “Reset PIN”.

Additional Resources

Learn more about BitLocker, Key IDs and managing your BitLocker PIN at under the “Learn About” menu or visit:

Questions? Contact the IT Service Center at (937) 229-3888 or

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