IT Training at UD

Looking for training? UD offers several options for brushing up your computer skills, including: 

Instructor-Led Training Classes

UDit offers instructor-led training for many commonly used software applications.  Please note that all instructor-led workshops are subject to cancellation if a minimum of five participants is not achieved.

Cascade Training Oct. 13, 2020, 10:00 am - 11:00 am Register >>
Excel: Charting and Pivot Table Basics Recorded April 2020 (60 minutes) Watch session >>
Zoom Video Conferencing - Live Live daily sessions (60 minutes) Register >>
Zoom Video Conferencing - Recorded Recorded session (60 minutes) Watch session >>

Bring IT Training to You

Don't see what you're looking for offered above? Talk to us about custom training for your class or group of 5 or more. Contact Mike McClure at 229-5030 or for additional information.

Resources for UD Applications

New to UD or looking for a refresher on how to use some of our campus tools? Check out the resources linked below.


An integrated database system for storage / management of UD's student and
employee data

Learn more >>

Cognos A web-based tool for UD reporting and analytics Learn more >>
Cascade UD's content management system (CMS) for web content Learn more >>
DUO UD's two-factor authentication (2FA) authentication verification software Learn more >>
Isidore UD's open-source learning management system (LMS) for course websites Learn more >>
Runway UD's online procurement system Learn more >>
Campus Phones UD's voice-over-IP (VoIP) system for office and call center phones Learn more >>
Zoom Video, audio and web conferencing Learn more >>
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