IT Project Request

The project request form is used to initiate the planning process for campus IT projects. 

Requests are routed for approval by either the submitting Department Director or the Division VP. Once approved, the Project Intake Request Team coordinates with the requester about next steps.

What requests should be submitted through the IT Project Request form?

Use this form to request initiation of both Projects and Operational Tasks, as described below. If your request does not meet the criteria listed below, use the IT General Help Request form

Project Request

An IT "project" meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The effort will lead to the creation of a new system
  • The effort will introduce several new features/functionality to an existing system thereby altering it significantly
  • The scope of work:
    • Requires significant coordination and requires a dedicated person to manage
    • Impacts a large number of users and will require extensive testing
  • Several departments will be involved in the execution
  • Users and/or end users have to be formally trained through:
    • Training Services
    • Vendor training
    • Formal documentation and manuals
Examples of Project Requests: 
  • Banner upgrade
  • Moving Oracle database from Solaris to Linux
  • Major Oracle upgrade
  • Development of a new application
  • Enhancement that significantly alters the functionality of an application
  • Implementing a new application

Operational Task Request

An IT "operational task" meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The effort is considered routine maintenance to keep an existing system functioning and/or will alter it in a minor way
  • The scope of work:
    • Can be managed by one or two technical resources and significant coordination is not required
    • Does not require extensive testing
    • Only a few departments will be involved in the execution
  • There are no training needs or a small number of users can be trained informally
Examples of Operational Requests:
  • Banner patches
  • OS patches
  • Oracle patches
  • Bug fixes, small enhancements to applications
  • Moving an application with a small number of users to a different OS

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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