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At the University of Dayton, the Pre-Health Resource Center provides composite letters of evaluation for students applying to medical, dental, podiatry, or optometry schools. Throughout this process, the student's evaluators and advisor assess the student based on the AAMC Core Competencies and write letters of evaluation. The Pre-Health Resource Center sends the final composite letter to the central application service, including the advisor’s letter, all letters of evaluation, and the AAMC competencies ratings.

Many health professional schools accept either individual letters of recommendation, a committee letter, or a composite letter. It is to your advantage to attain a composite letter as part of your medical or dental school application. These composite letters are acknowledged and respected by admissions committees. If a particular school will only accept individual letters, please note that the student must obtain and submit these individual letters of recommendation. This is not a function of the Pre-Health Resource Center.

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