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Access to shared network folders and groups

Request access to networked files, groups, or printers.

Advancement Email Request

Advancement Email Request

Ask a Runway Question

Runway, the new campuswide “Procure to Pay” system, a one-stop shop to streamline and expedite the processes by which the University purchases and pays for goods and services.

Runway will make it easier to shop for supplier goods and services at UD-negotiated rates, create and approve purchase orders and check requests, and approve invoices.

Asset Tag Request

Request a new asset tag for equipment purchased with any UD funds.


BBNC Event Creation

Request BBNC Event

BWISE Program Tracking

Business Wisdom through International, Service and Experiential Education (BWISE)


Capital Project - Project Request

Consent from your Dean, VP or Associate Provost is required prior to completing this form.
Once submitted, this request will be forwarded to senior staff in Facilities for review.

CASIT Loaner Laptop Request From

Request a loaner laptop from CASIT

Change Display Name

Allows a University of Dayton faculty or staff to be officially recognized by a first name that may not be their legal first name

Chart Element Request

The purpose of this service request is to capture all of the information needed to successfully perform a chart element request.

Classroom Technology Orientation

Request a 15-30 minute orientation session with an IT classroom technician to learn about the technology in a learning or collaboration space.

Computer Setup

Request computer setup for employees.

Confidentiality Agreement Form

This agreement must be signed by all those who have access to sensitive University business information or personal data in the Records Management Section. It sets out the requirements and responsibilities of those who have access to such information and ensures that all parties concerned understand their confidentiality obligations.

Contract and Grants

The purpose of this service request is to capture all of the information needed to successfully perform FOAPAL creation and maintenance of sponsored activities in Banner Finance.

Contract Routing and Approval

The purpose of this service request is to capture all of the information needed to route and get approval for a contract.


Daniel J. Curran Place Event Technical Support

Request technical support at the Daniel J. Curran Place

Data Request

Advancement Data Request

Donor Relations Request

Request services for Donor Relations.


EmbARK Accounts and Access

Request new accounts, the removal of accounts, or a change in permissions.

Employee Mailbox Access Request

This service is for users that are requesting access to another employee's mailbox. This service requires HR approval.

Equipment Disposal

UDit securely erases data and disposes of equipment in accordance with U.S. Department of Defense and EPA standards.

Event Invitation Request

Event Invitation Request


Gaming/Entertainment Device Registration

UDit supports online gaming devices and Internet-enabled TVs on the residential wireless network, including residence halls and student neighborhoods

Gaming/Internet TV Device Registration

Google Faculty Websites

UD's Google sites provide collaborative web pages which faculty, teams or working groups can use to publish and access a variety of information in one place - including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments and text - and easily share it for viewing or editing. A Google site allows you to incorporate many of the other services available to you within the UD Google Apps suite.

Google Groups

Google Groups provides a convenient way for you to communicate and collaborate with groups of people. A Google Group contains the email addresses of its members, so you can send a message to all of the group’s members using the single address for the group. In addition, you can use the group’s email address to manage access to Google documents and calendars.

Google Sites Request


Help, I have an issue!

Help! I have an IT question or problem and need assistance.


I need help with....

Help! I have an IT-related problem and need assistance.

I need to borrow....

Need to borrow equipment or cables?

IT Equipment Relocation Policy & Fee Schedule

All IT equipment (including laptops, towers, monitors, and local/network printers) qualifies for an IT equipment move per the fee schedule outlined below. Mice, keyboards, speakers, cables, and scanners are eligible to be moved as well, but only if they are part of the workstation being moved.

IT Equipment Removal

IT Equipment tagged by UDit will be disposed of at no cost. Untagged network printers, towers, monitors, televisions, typewriters or laptops and faculty/staff personal IT equipment will be disposed of for a fee

IT Task

Request IT Task


Mobile Phone Request

University of Dayton faculty and staff can request a mobile phone for work related activities

Multifunction Printer Request

Request multifunction printers with printing, scanning, copying, and other features.


Network Drive Access

This service allows university users to request access to network shared drives.

New Network Drop

Campus users can request to have additional network ports installed in their offices


Porches Editing Access

This service provides access to managing content such as announcements and channel/blocks in Porches.


Research Request

Advancement Research Request

The Research Request form is used to request Prospect Research requests. This is for Advancement Division use. The Advancement Services Research group will review your request and if needed, will contact you to discuss next steps.


Salary Increase

This form is required for all staff positions (excluding faculty or bargaining unit positions).

SBA Service Request

Use this form to request services from the SBA IT support.

School of Engineering - Change Major Request

The purpose of this service request is to capture all of the information needed to successfully perform a change of major in the school of engineering.

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox provides a means to receive email at a general (rather than personal) address. Mail is delivered to a centralized location where it can be accessed by up to 25 people.

Sierra Accounts and Access

Request new accounts, the removal of accounts, or a change in permissions.

Staffing Update

Request Staffing Update

Strategic Staff Hiring

This form is required for all new or replacement staff positions (excluding faculty, UDRI contract, or bargaining unit positions).

Student Computer Rental

System Task

Request a System Task


TeamDynamix Request

Submit Knowledge Base or Service Catalog changes, add and remove technicians, report errors or submit a general question about using TeamDynamix.

Time Queue Org Request

The purpose of this request is to request the creation of a new time queue Org for new employees or new positions not currently assigned a Time/Leave reporting queue.

TouchNet® Marketplace™

This request is for the University of Dayton and TouchNet Information Systems supporting online credit card and ACH transaction system known as MarketPlace, uPay, and uStores.


UD 2FA Token Order

Order Duo Hardware Token for 2-Factor Authentication at UD.

UDit Conferencing Request

Web & Tele-Conferencing, Webinar Hosting, Conferencing Tips

UDit Project Request

Use this form to request a project.

UDRI Help Desk Request

Information technology problem? Tell us about it!


Voicemail Password Reset Request

Reset a forgotten voicemail password or reset a voicemail password for a new user.


Web Conferencing

Webpage Task

Request a Webpage Task

Work & Move Requests

Submit/check the status of work orders & move requests.