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Help! I have an IT question or problem and need assistance.

Request access to University-provisioned software packages

Request access to Banner, Cognos, Raiser's Edge, Salesforce, Student Success Network (Starfish), Tableau, VPN, or Workflow.

Submit requests to the lab management staff.

Submit Service Catalog changes, add and remove technicians, report errors or submit a general question about using TeamDynamix.

Request pickup and disposal of UD-owned IT equipment.

Request creation of, updates to, or assistance with reports, dashboards, or report jobs.

Submit an IT project or operational request.

Apply for a medical withdrawal from the University, or apply to return to the University following a medical withdrawal.

Receive instructions for processing your department’s disbursement of cash payments, reimbursements, awards, and gifts in accordance with IRS and university guidelines

Alumni / former student request for updating permanent, local or billing address.

Request a UD computing account be temporarily extended.

UD’s Confidentiality Agreement for access to enterprise systems.

Reset a forgotten voicemail password or reset a voicemail password for a new user.

Request creation of / changes to a shared Google mailbox or calendar

Request assistance with telephones, voicemail, phone menus, and Contact Center call distribution

Submit new or check the status of existing student, faculty and staff facility work requests.

Request a new service offering or changes to an existing service.

Business Wisdom through International, Service and Experiential Education (BWISE)

Request access to a folder in Cognos.

Request change of major, minor or concentration in the School of Business Administration (SBA)

General IT-related requests for help can be submitted through this form.

Alumni / former student request for changing marital status, gender identity, legal sex, personal email, or chosen or legal name.

Request a new asset tag for equipment purchased with any UD funds.

Request a new Knowledge Base article or changes to an existing article.