Students and employees of the University of Dayton are provided with a network username and password that provides access to standard systems and applications.

University of Dayton faculty, staff and students are given the ability to make adjustments to their UD provided network account.

Services (5)

Confidentiality Agreement Form

This agreement must be signed by all those who have access to sensitive University business information or personal data in the Records Management Section. It sets out the requirements and responsibilities of those who have access to such information and ensures that all parties concerned understand their confidentiality obligations.

Employee Mailbox Access Request

This service is for users that are requesting access to another employee's mailbox. This service requires HR approval.

UD 2FA Token Order

Order Duo Hardware Token for 2-Factor Authentication at UD.

Change Display Name

Allows a University of Dayton faculty or staff to be officially recognized by a first name that may not be their legal first name