Helpful information on using UD's integrated communication and collaboration suite including: UD Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more.

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Pinned Article Google Workspace at UD

Google Workspace is UD's integrated communication and collaboration suite.  Based on the Google Apps for Education offering to higher education and K-12 customers, it is a robust (and ad-free) "business" version of the free consumer Google applications. Google Workspace accounts are provided to all UD students, faculty, and staff upon enrollment or employment.

UD Gmail

Unlike a consumer Gmail account, a UD Gmail account is administered by UD, offered ad-free, and offers unlimited email storage space. Your UD Gmail address is in the format of <UD_username>

Transfer your UD Gmail to Another Account

Directions for saving your UD Gmail to a personal Gmail account before your University account is deleted.

UD Google Calendar

Use your UD Google Calendar to organize your schedule, create events and track RSVPs, sync to a mobile device, and share your calendar with others as desired.

Google Drive at UD

Key topics on UD Google Drive including accessing Drive, general usage, sharing files and folders, and storage limits.

Moving Files and Folders from Individual Storage to Shared Storage

Procedures for transferring files and folders from individual storage to shared storage using Box and Google.

Google Chat

Send and receive instant messages using Google Chat.

Google Contacts

The contacts feature in your UD Google Apps account is a way to store and organize contact information about the people with whom you communicate. You can add, edit, and delete contacts and personal contact groups within Contacts.

Google Groups

Google Groups provide a convenient way to communicate and collaborate with groups of people. When an email is sent to a Group, all members receive the message but Google treats it as a single address.

Google Jamboard

Jamboard is Google’s whiteboard which is connected to the G-suite. Users have the ability to present, edit and share files during jams (meetings) with Google services like Drive, Sheets, and Slides. Users can also participate in the jams in the actual room or on devices that have the respective companion app.

Google Sites

UD offers two Google Sites services: Group Sites and Faculty Sites. Group sites provide collaborative web pages for teams, labs, working groups, etc. Using Google Group sites, groups can publish, access, share, and edit a variety of information (e.g., videos, calendars, presentations, attachments and text) in one place. Group sites can have multiple "owners."