Transfer your UD Gmail to Another Account

Graduating students can save UD Gmail to a personal Gmail account before the UD Gmail is deleted with the University account.

NOTE: If you experience any issues while transferring your Gmail, contact the UDit Service Center at (937) 229-3888 or submit an IT General Help Request.

Transferring your UD Gmail to a personal Gmail account

  1. Open your UD Gmail.
  2. Click on your profile (this is usually the first letter of your name or a profile picture you selected) in the upper right corner. Select Manage your Google Account.
  3. Go to the Transfer your content section and click Start transfer.
  4. Enter the personal email address you want your data sent to and click on Send Code. A verification code is sent to the email you entered.
  5. Verify your destination account and choose the content you wish to copy and transfer. Once you verify and choose the content, you will be able to start and complete the transfer.

Other actions to consider

  • Have you created and shared any Google Docs or Sheets from your University account within My Drive? If so, be sure to move these into a Shared Drive to transfer ownership to other collaborators. Otherwise, the file content will be deleted when your account is deleted.
  • Download a copy of your Gmail contacts.
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