Applications & software vital to university operations including Google Workspace, Banner, Box, Cognos, Porches, Qualtrics, Zoom, Adobe Sign, Box Sign and more.

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UD's online scheduler used for online room requests, detailed events, fleet vehicle reservations, musical instrument reservations, and various other resource management reservations.

Adobe Sign & Box Sign

Learn how to use Adobe Sign and Box Sign (eSignature applications) for the signing and sending of electronic documents.

Avaya Soft Phone Solutions

Soft phone solutions are used to answer and place phone calls from a device other than your UD desk phone (e.g., a computer or smartphone).

If you're a Contact Center agent managing a departmental phone queue, see instructions for Avaya Agent Desktop.

If you're an individual employee who wants to answer your personal UD phone line from another device, see instructions for Avaya Workplace.


Banner is UD's primary advanced software system. View helpful articles on a variety of Banner systems and applications.


Box is UD's enterprise tool for secure cloud file storage. Learn how to access and use your account.


Articles on UD's Content Management System (CMS) used for managing digital content.


UD's web based reporting and analytics tool. View helpful articles and resources including folder requests and reporting requests.

e-Commerce Solutions

Read about UD e-commerce applications and solutions including TouchNet Marketplace, uPay, uStores and using credit cards.

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is a PDF creation and editor tool. View instructional videos, quick guides and other training resources.

Google Workspace

Helpful information on using UD's integrated communication and collaboration suite including: UD Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more.


Helpful information on using Microsoft products at UD including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and Windows.


NameCoach allows faculty, staff and students to record their name pronunciation and hear how other's names should be pronounced.


Articles on accessing and utilizing UD's web portal and creating Porches announcements.


Articles on UD’s web-based tool for survey and assessment creation, data collection, and data analysis.

TeamDynamix (TDX / Service Catalog)

UD's service management / project portfolio management tool. View articles on various components including the service catalog.

Zoom (Conferencing Services)

Articles on UD's phone, web and video conferencing tools.

Software Download Descriptions

Information about UD-licensed software packages.

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