Google Jamboard

Jamboard is Google’s virtual whiteboard which is connected to the Google Workplace. Users have the ability to present, edit and share files during jams (meetings) with Google services like Drive, Sheets and Slides. Users can also participate in the jams in the actual room or on devices that have the respective companion app. 

The board can physically handle 16 touchpoints at once and is used with a stylus. 

Watch Jamboard hardware in action (video)

Accessing the Jamboard app from Google Workspace

If you are already logged in to your UD Google account, click Apps (3 x 3 grid) in the upper right corner of any of the Google Apps services, then click Jamboard.

Owning "Jams" versus owning "Jamboard"

Jams are meetings created using the Jamboard or pushed to the board by using the companion Jamboard app. When the Jamboard is not in use or a Jam has ended, the board has a blank ownerless jam on its screen. When it prompts for email to create a jam, this is to own the new blank jam. 

When the jam has an owner, they can reopen and push that jam using only the app back on a Jamboard if the jam gets closed on the Jamboard.

Since the board does not keep past jams or email addresses, you can not reopen jams from the board itself nor can you save jams on the board. The companion app is needed to reopen and save jams for future use.

Jamboard companion app

In addition to the board, there is an app available for iOS and Android devices. Its functions include being able to save jams you own or collaborated and pushing saved jams to available nearby jam board. You can also use the app to join others' jams (but the invitation must be accepted).

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