Google Applications Enabled at UD

UD has deployed most Google Core Services: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups, Sites, Chat/Hangouts, Meet, Jamboard and Keep. Dozens of additional services and hundreds of Google Marketplace apps are also available as optional additions.  

Campus faculty and staff can use this form to request an additional service or Marketplace app be added to UD’s G Suite environment. Additional services or Marketplace apps currently enabled in UD’s Google domain are listed below.

Google Marketplace Apps

All Google Marketplace apps we've enabled at UD can be accessed at  You need to be logged in to your UD Google account to install these tools. 

These services are third party apps that UDit does not support; direct any support questions to the application vendor. 

If terms & conditions change in subsequent audits and any of the whitelisted apps listed below are determined to pose a risk to UD data, UD may disable these apps with minimal notice.

Google Marketplace apps currently whitelisted at UD

NOTE: The free versions of asterisked (*) tools are limited; some features require a paid subscription, which is the responsibility of the user.

Google Additional Services 

These additional Google services can be accessed by all UD Google users. Support of additional services is limited. Descriptions of many of these additional services can be found here under the heading “Services with an individual On or Off control”. 

  • Applied Digital Skills 
  • Google Alerts 
  • Google Cloud Print 
  • Google Custom Search 
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Earth
  • Google My Maps
  • Google Play
  • Google Takeout 
  • Managed Google Play
  • Material Gallery 
  • Scholar Profiles 
  • Search and Assistant            
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