Google Sites

Google Sites are issued for two purposes:

  • Group collaboration

  • Faculty professional web content

Group Sites provide collaborative web pages for teams, labs, working groups, etc. Using Google Group sites, groups can publish, access, share and edit a variety of information (e.g., videos, calendars, presentations, attachments and text) in one place. Group sites can have multiple "editors."

Faculty Sites are available for individual faculty to manage their own professional pages. Upon approval of your request, your faculty Google site will be issued to you using your UD username: Your site will also have a short address at: This service is for faculty only.
For other web publishing needs, please see the supported web tool options on the Web Services page.

Google Workspace Learning Center (Google Sites)

Who can request a Google Site

Accessing your Google Site

Sharing your Google Site

Supported web tools options


Who can request a Google Site

Google sites are issued to the following types of users:

  • Committees (standing and ad hoc)

  • Working groups comprised of faculty, staff, students and/or external participants

  • Formal academic class groups and capstone projects (if requested by a faculty member)

  • Groups conducting university research, collaboration or business with external participants

  • Faculty who need self-managed web publishing other than eCommons Selected Works, Isidore or their UD Profile

Request a Google Site here

Alternate website solutions have been identified for student organizations, online classes, and other groups needing a collaborative online workspace. See the UDit Web Services page for a list of those tools.

NOTE: UDit provides limited support for Google sites. Google site owners assume responsibility for the operation of their site and most troubleshooting issues. In addition, UDit does not migrate content from existing websites or collaboration tools.

Accessing your Google Site

  • To access your Google Site(s) from your UD Google Apps account: Click the 3 x 3 apps grid in the upper right corner of any UD Google Apps window, then click "Sites."

  • To access your Google Site(s) from the web: Log in with your University of Dayton username password at

Sharing your Google Site

Google Sites allows you to control who can view or edit your site.

You can share your Google site with individual users on and off campus, as well as with existing Google Groups.

By default, Google sites are not publicly accessible; you can change this visibility setting within your site. However, anyone with whom you'd like to share editing rights for your site with must have a Google Account or Google Apps Account. If you have collaborators outside of UD, they may need to create a Google account to access the site.

NOTE: Be aware that if you're using confidential data it's important to understand with whom at and what level of access you’re sharing files. Remember to limit file visibility to only those who need access and periodically review file access settings to make sure you're in compliance with campus data requirements.
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