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UD Google accounts are provided to all UD students, faculty, and staff upon enrollment or employment. In addition to other Google services, this account provides access to your UD Google Calendar. Use your UD Google Calendar to organize your schedule, create events and track RSVPs, sync to a mobile device, and share your calendar with others as desired.

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Accessing your UD Google Calendar

  • You can access your UD Google Calendar on your Front Porch page at http://porches.udayton.edu.  Log in with your University of Dayton username and password, then look for the Calendar link at the bottom of the Front Porch.

  • If you are already logged in to your UD Google account, click Apps (3 x 3 grid) in the upper right corner of any of the Google Apps services, then click Calendar.

  • If Porches is unavailable, click here to login with your LDAP username/password.

Appointment Slots

The Appointment Slots feature on your UD Google Calendar allows you to set time slots on your calendar that other people can book. For example, a faculty member can use this feature to have students schedule time during office hours.

Creating Google Appointment Slots (Video) >>

Adding Appointment Slots to your Calendar (Google Learning Center) >>

Creating Team Calendars

In addition to your own calendar, you can create additional calendars to track team member’s vacations and schedules, manage projects, and track other team events.

Creating a Team Calendar (Share an Appointment Calendar) >>

Add UD Calendars to your "Other Calendars" list

You can view several campus calendars (e.g., academic, holiday, etc.) from your UD Google Calendar.

In your UD Google Calendar, click the (+) icon to the right of Other calendars, then select From URL. Copy and paste the URL for the desired calendar in the URL of calendar field, then click Add calendar.

  • UD Main Academic Calendar -- http://calendar.udayton.edu/academicmain
  • UD Law School Academic Calendar -- http://calendar.udayton.edu/academiclaw
  • UD Holidays (excluding Government dates) -- http://calendar.udayton.edu/holidays

NOTE: The calendars will appear in your Other calendars list with the URL as the name. If you wish, you can rename these to something else (i.e., UD Academic Main, UD Academic Law, UD Holidays). Click on the settings link (three dots) to the right of each calendar name, then select Settings. In the Calendar settings window, type the new name in the Name field, then click on the back arrow next to Settings.

Request a shared calendar for your meeting room(s)

Contact the UDit Service Center at (937) 229-3888  if you would like to have a shared resource calendar created. UDit will create the calendar and delegate rights to you so you can manage access, delegation, and visibility by others. If a shared resource calendar manager leaves UD, the shared resource calendar can be delegated to an alternate staff member to manage.

Request a shared departmental calendar

Some departments use a shared calendar to track vacations, projects, etc. In these instances, we recommend that you have UDit create the calendar for you and delegate rights back to you to manage sharing. If a secondary calendar is created by an individual who leaves UD, that secondary calendar may inadvertently be deleted when the individual’s UD Google Apps account is deleted. Contact the UDit Service Center at (937) 229-3888 to request a long-term secondary calendar.

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