Psychology Research Review and Ethics Committee (RREC)

The Department of Psychology's Research Review and Ethics Committee (RREC) is a sub-committee of the University's Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB) that is authorized to review and approve studies that involve human participants or records from human participants that involve no more than minimal risk and will not receive federal funding.

Services (2)

Psychology Research Review and Ethics Committee (RREC) D-2 Fast-Track Survey / Interview Application

D-2 research consists of studies involving information about non-sensitive topics/content collecting using anonymous paper surveys, confidential online surveys, or non-sensitive interviews, using only adult subjects. This application may NOT be used if the research is sponsored with federal funds, if protected populations are used (i.e., individuals who are incarcerated, under the age of 18, or pregnant), or if compensation or deception is involved.

Psychology Research Review and Ethics Committee (RREC) General Application for Both Exempt and Non-Exempt Studies

Studies that do not meet the requirements for D-2 research fall into the categories of exempt or non-exempt review, and this form should be used. Some non-exempt studies (i.e., those that involve greater than minimal risk or research populations that require additional protections) must be reviewed by the IRB. The RREC will determine whether the study is exempt or non-exempt and will forward the proposed study to the IRB, if necessary.