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UD students, faculty and staff are assigned a UD username and password, giving you access to many campus systems and services. Watch the video below to learn more.

UDit's Guide To: UD Computing Accounts

Common UD Systems and Services

What happens to my account when I leave UD?

  • Employee accounts are deleted after your final pay; student accounts remain active for 450 days after graduation.
  • Maintain a personal email account (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) for non-work-related communications. Students should use a personal email account for resumes and formal contact information.
  • Once your account has been deleted, you won’t be able to access UD Gmail, Porches, or files you’ve created/saved in UD cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive, Box).
  • Employee files stored in Box outlive their UD computing account for a period of time so  supervisors can reassign access to important job-related files.
  • Reassign ownership of files stored in Google Drive to someone remaining on campus so these aren’t deleted with the departing student / employee’s Google Workspace account.
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