Changing Your Name

UD employees and students sometimes have reason to request an update of their name on file in UD’s information systems. There are three kinds of name changes:

  • Legal name change: A request to update your legally-recorded name (e.g., a last name change after a marriage).
  • Chosen name change: A request to display the name you prefer to be called, like a nickname, middle name, or alternate name.
  • Username change: A request to update the UD username you use to login to University systems (e.g., After Rudy Flyer graduates and takes a job at UD, he may ask to update his username from flyerr1 to rflyer1; a recently married employee wants a username that matches their new legal last name).

Changing your Chosen or Preferred name

If you’re a UD employee, submit a Change in HR Personal Data Request form to have your chosen or legal name changed in UD’s information systems.

If you’re a UD student, complete the Name Change Request Form and email it to Flyer Student Services ( to have your chosen or legal name changed in UD’s information systems.

Changing your UD username

If you’d like to update your UD username due to a name change or a change in your student / employee status, first contact Human Resources / Flyer Student Services as described above.

When you’ve received confirmation that your name / status has been updated in UD’s information systems, complete the IT General Help Request to ask for your UD username to be updated.

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