Encrypting Microsoft Office Files, PDF Files, and 7-Zip Folders

Email attachments containing Social Security Numbers or credit card information sent to non @udayton.edu email addresses are automatically blocked by Gmail's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system.  To send this type of sensitive information, the data files must be encrypted. Passwords must be sent separately from the encrypted fiiles.

Additional information on Gmail's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) syste

Protecting a Microsoft Office file with a password

Instructions from the Microsoft Office website

Protecting a PDF file with a password

This option is available for Adobe Acrobat Pro users only.

Instructions from the Adobe Acrobat website

7-Zip Encryption

File owners and file recipients must install the 7-Zip software on their device to encrypt and open files.

Installation for UD owned devices:

  • Click on the Windows Start icon and type Portal Manager.
  • Click on Portal Manager then click on the 7-Zip Install link.

Installation for non-UD owned devices

Password protecting a zip folder through the 7-Zip software

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