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If you’re a hiring manager, there are several technology-related tasks you may need to complete. See below for a list of common services you or your new employee may want to request:

Equipment Setup

Access to Technology Systems and Tools

Other Services

Equipment Setup

Computer Setup

Request Computer Setup to prepare a computer for use by a new employee. This service includes installing operating system and application software and removing or transferring existing data and files as applicable.

Phone Request

Place your request for a new employee’s desk phone with our Telephone Services Request form.

Remote Access to a University Phone

Avaya Workplace allows your mobile device to send and receive calls while displaying your UD office phone number. Place an Avaya Workplace Request to initiate this service.

Mobile Device Request

If your employee is eligible for a University-sponsored mobile device, they’ll need to complete the Mobile Device Request form to initiate their monthly stipend.

Wired Network Access

If your employee’s workspace needs a network outlet for wired access to the internet, place a request for a New Network Drop.

Access to Technology Systems and Tools

Google Workspace (Gmail, Gcal, etc.)

Access is automatically enabled upon creation of a new user’s UD computing account.

Banner, Cognos, Raiser's Edge, Salesforce, VPN, or Workflow

Complete the System Access Request form. This will trigger requests for both supervisor approval and employee completion of UD’s confidentiality agreement.

TeamDynamix (TDX)

For access to manage tickets within TDX as a technician, complete the TeamDynamix Request form.


Access to Box file storage tool is automatically enabled upon creation of a new user’s UD computing account; access to specific folders can be assigned by the group / folder admin.


Login at to create your UD Qualtrics account.

Cognos Folder Access

Will your employee need access to existing Cognos reports? If so, complete the Cognos Folder Access Request form.

Porches Announcements Access

If your employee will need to post campus announcements in Porches, complete the Porches Announcements Access form.

Other Services

Change Display Name

If your employee goes by a first name that differs from their legal first name, see the directions at Changing Your Name. to have this updated in UD's information systems.

Classroom Technology Orientation

New faculty members can familiarize themselves with the technology in their designated teaching spaces by requesting a Classroom Technology Orientation.

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