Remote Access to the UD Network

Some campus resources require an extra layer of protection because of the sensitive data they may contain (e.g. Banner INB / Admin Pages, Cognos, Avaya Contact Center).

If you need to access these resources when away from campus, you'll need to install a Remote Access Tool to access the UD network.

NOTE: Avaya Contact Center users MUST use VPN and will require additional setup to connect remotely; contact the IT Service Center for details.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN creates a secure internet connection that makes a computer think it's actually on the UD network even when it's far from campus. Since the  computer  is directly accessing UD's network, it needs to have the same security protections (updated software, anti-virus, etc.) we require for on-campus computers. Use UD's VPN if you need to access Banner INB / Admin Pages, Cognos, Avaya Contact Center AND you're using a UD-owned computer.

Directions for installing and using UD's VPN >>

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (

VDI lets your remote computer connect to a virtual computer desktop at UD.  When you're connected to VDI, your computer screen will look and function as if you were at a conference room or classroom computer. Since the remote computer isn't actually on UD's network, it doesn't require the same security protections needed for VPN. Use UD's VDI if you need to access Banner INB / Admin Pages or Cognos from off-campus AND you're NOT using a UD-owned computer.

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