Remote Access to Your On-Campus Office Computer

Remote desktop allows you to connect to your UD computer from a computer at another location. For instance, if you're working from your home computer, remote desktop will let you connect to the computer sitting on your desk at UD. This is helpful if your UD computer has software installed that you don't have or aren't licensed to use from home. 

Using remote desktop requires two steps:

Step 1: Preparing your on-campus computer to accept a remote connection (Written directions)

Step 2: Preparing your home computer to establish a remote connection (Written or video directions)

NOTE: You will not be able to connect from a remote location unless you've completed step 1 from your UD computer!

Step 1: Prepare your on-campus computer to accept a remote connection

There are two pieces to preparing your on-campus computer: changing some settings to allow a remote connection and making note of your IP address - you'll need this when you connect from home!

Changing remote settings

  1. Open the Windows start menu and select Control Panel.  Or click on the search bar, type Control Panel and click on the Control Panel link.
  2. Click on the System icon link.
  3. Click on the Remote settings link.
  4. Select Allow Remote Connections to this computer.

    If this option is grayed out, you are not an Admin. Contact the IT Service Center for assistance.

    If this option is not grayed out, click on Select Users... .
  5. If your username is not listed as having access on this page, select Add.
  6. Type ADWS\ followed by the user's username. For example: ADWS\rflyer1
  7. Click OK.  You can now remote into this computer.

Obtain your UD computer's IP address

Users will need to obtain their office computer's IP address in order to connect to the office computer from home.

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Type What is my IP address in the Google search bar and press <ENTER> on your keyboard.
  3. The computer's IP address appears.
  4. Highlight (select) and copy the IP address.

Step 2: Establish a connection to your on-campus computer from home

Video - Connecting to a Remote Desktop Using VMware Horizon Client

  1. Configure your remote computer to use UD's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and connect to Desktop Pool or Academic
  2. Open the Remote Desktop Connection program.
  3. When the program opens, click on Show options.
  4. In the space next to Computer: type (or paste) the IP address of the office computer.  See above - "Obtaining a computer's IP address".
  5. In the space next to Username: type the University username followed by @adws. For instance: rflyer1@adws
  6. To adjust other connection settings (e.g. screen size, login information, availability of local hard drives/printers, keyboard/sound behavior) click on Options before clicking Connect.
  7. In the Log on to Windows dialog box, type the password you use to log into the office computer. (On shared computers, this may be the shared account login. On single user computers this should be your University Password).
  8. To end the connection, click on the Remote Desktop Connection window, select Start and Shut Down.
  9. In the Shut Down Windows dialog box, from the drop-down menu, select Log Off [username].
  10. Click OK.
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