Using UD's Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure internet connection that makes a computer think it's actually on the UD network even when it's far from campus. Since the computer is directly accessing UD's network, it should have the same security protections (updated software, anti-virus, etc.) required for on-campus computers. Employees using a UD-owned computer can use UD's VPN to access Banner INB / Admin Pages, Cognos or Avaya Contact Center from off-campus.

NOTE: If you're currently connected to UD's legacy VPN solution, RAVPN, you'll need to connect your device to UD's current VPN solution, UDVPN, by installing the new client.

Installing UD’s VPN client

Using UD’s GlobalProtect VPN

Installing UD’s VPN client

Download and install the GlobalProtect VPN software

  • UD-owned devices: Use the Portal Manager software installed on your UD-owned Windows computer to download PaloAlto GlobalProtect. For UD-owned Mac computers, use JAMF Self Service to download PaloAlto GlobalProtect.
  • Personally-owned Windows / Mac computers: Download the GlobalProtect agent from You’ll be prompted to login with your UD credentials.
  • Android mobile devices: Download the GlobalProtect app from the Play Store
  • iOS mobile devices: Download the GlobalProtect app from the App Store

Configure the GlobalProtect VPN software

  1. In the portal address field, enter

  2. Click Connect to login. You'll be prompted to enter your UD username / password and verify your login with 2-factor authentication.

Once connected, navigate to protected sites and services as you would from on-campus.

Using UD’s GlobalProtect VPN

  • Open the GlobalProtect software on your device, click Connect, and authenticate with your UD login credentials.
  • When you are finished with your remote connections, open the GlobalProtect application and click Disconnect.


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