Avaya Workplace: Using the UD Soft Phone

Avaya Workplace allows your Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows device to send and receive calls while displaying your UD office phone number. This service requires the use of a security certificate, mobile VPN client and Avaya app downloaded to your mobile device.

Activating the Avaya Workplace soft phone

Turn on your phone’s VPN connection

  1. Open the AnyConnect App.
  2. Tap the AnyConnect VPN button to the ON position.

  3. Login with your UD username, UD password and a second password to activate 2FA verification (type “push”, “phone”, or a 2FA code from a token).
  4. Tap Connect.

Open the Avaya Workplace App

  1. Launch the app and locate the app Settings (the “gear” icon).
  2. Tap Services.
  3. Verify that Phone Service is ON.
  4. Tap Done.

    You’re now ready to make calls. Remember to use the same dialing rules as you would from on-campus (e.g. press 8 to call an off-campus number; dial 9 and the four-digit extension for a UD number). Outgoing call recipients will see your University office phone number (e.g. (937) 229-1234).

Disconnecting the Avaya Workplace soft phone

  1. Turn off your phone’s VPN connection in the AnyConnect app.
  2. In the Avaya Workplace app, tap on the profile icon in the upper right and tap Sign Out.



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