Creating Porches Announcements

Porches announcements are quickly accessed from the Announcements side navigation link located on the Front Porch. To create, edit, and delete announcements, complete the Porches Editing Access request form.


Creating Announcements

Unpublishing an Announcement

Deleting an Announcement

Porches Editing Access Request

Instructional Video: Creating, Unpublishing, and Deleting Announcements

Creating Announcements

Porches announcements are created and posted from Cascade, UD’s web content management tool. Below are the steps to create and publish an announcement in Cascade.

  1. Log into Cascade ( with your University credentials.
  2. Click Go to a Site in the SITE: field which is located in the upper-left corner of Cascade.
  3. Scroll down to select the Porches site.
  4. Open the Announcements folder within the Porches site.
  5. Open the appropriate year folder.
  6. Open the appropriate month folder for your announcement.
  7. Click the Add Content button (pink plus) next to the site drop-down.
  8. Select Announcement from the content type menu.
  9. Enter a page name for your announcement. Keep in mind that this becomes part of the URL and breadcrumb. Use lower-case text only. Spaces and special characters are not permitted.
  10. Enter a title for the announcement. The title cannot include spaces, capitals, and special characters. There is a 75 character limit on titles (including spaces).
  11. Set the start date for the announcement. By default the current date and time are selected.
  12. Set the end date. Once this date/time is reached, the announcement is removed from the Porches Announcements page and is placed in the expired folder. Keep in mind that expired announcements can be edited and the start/end date can be adjusted if you would like to repost an announcement.
  13. Enter your announcement in the Announcement Content section.

    NOTE: The announcement needs to have paragraph formatting for links to display properly when published. To paragraph format the announcement, highlight/select the announcement text. Click the Formats drop-down menu. Choose Blocks, Paragraph.
  14. When finished click Preview Draft.
  15. Click Submit.
  16. Click Publish to post the announcement to the Porches Announcements page. If you're scheduling an announcement to begin at a later time or date, you won't need to Publish. 

Unpublishing an Announcement

To remove an announcement from the Porches announcements page before the expiration date, unpublish the announcement by right clicking on the announcement and selecting Unpublish.

Deleting an Announcement

To completely delete an announcement from Cascade, first unpublish the announcement as explained above and then delete the announcement. To delete an announcement, use the following procedures.

  1. Right click on the announcement and select Delete.
  2. Click on Advanced Unpublish Settings.
  3. Check Unpublish from specific outputs.
  4. Uncheck Announcement from the Output section.
  5. Click the blue Delete button.

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