Quick Start: Hosting a Zoom Meeting

Scheduling a Meeting

All University of Dayton Zoom account settings have been preset to a variety of recommended options to ensure a smooth video conferencing experience.  For additional information on Zoom account Settings click here.

  1. Open a web browser and go to go.udayton.edu/zoom
  2. Click on Sign in and login with your UD username and password (including 2-factor authentication)

  3. Click on the Meetings link.

  4. Click on the Schedule a Meeting link.

  5. Complete the appropriate meeting settings (topic, description, duration, etc.).

  6. Choose a Meeting ID.

    Note: A Personal Meeting ID can be created through the Profile settings.  An “easy to remember” example would be your office phone number.  Otherwise you can select an auto-generated Meeting ID number.
    Procedures for creating a Personal Meeting ID

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click on the Copy the invitation link then click on Copy Meeting Invitation.

  9. Compose a new email and paste the contents of the meeting invitation into the body of the message.  Make any necessary edits.

  10. Address the message to the appropriate individuals.  Type out a subject line and send the message.


Initiating a Meeting

  1. As the meeting host, click on the Start this Meeting link to start the meeting.  If you are displaying your list of upcoming meetings through the Meetings link, click on the appropriate Start link.
  2. Participants will join the meeting through the Join Zoom Meeting link that was included within the meeting invitation email.
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