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Maximize the productivity of your meetings with the Zoom AI Companion, a powerful tool tailored for faculty, staff, and students seeking to enhance their online learning and working environments. Discover how the Meeting Summary, Smart Recording, and Whiteboard features, available on your UD Zoom account, streamline collaboration and elevate your virtual interactions.

Configuring the Zoom AI Companion

  1. Open your UD Zoom account at go.udayton.edu/zoom.
  2. Click Sign in and login with your UD username, password, and 2-factor authentication credentials.
  3. Go to the navigation menu (left sidebar) and click Settings.
  4. Click the AI Companion tab. From here you can adjust various settings for Meeting Summary, Smart Recording, and Whiteboard.

Meeting Summary

The AI Companion Meeting Summary uses artificial intelligence to condense the most important points of your meeting into a brief summary. After the meeting, the host receives an email with a detailed overview, including a Quick Recap, Summary, and Next Steps sections.

The meeting host can configure meeting summaries to be automatically shared with all participants if desired.

NOTE: To verify accuracy, the summary output should be reviewed and edited by a participant who was present at the meeting to avoid any unintentional misrepresentations of meeting content.


Using Meeting Summary with AI Companion

Smart Recording

Smart Recording extends Zoom AI Companion's capabilities to your cloud recordings with features like:

  • Smart Chapters: Organize your recording into timestamped segments.
  • Recording Highlights: Get quick and easily digestible key takeaways.
  • Next Steps: Zoom AI Companion will automatically examine the end of the recording to look for cues and identify any next steps for you.
  • Meeting Coaching Analytics: See host metrics on talk speed, talk-listen ratio, longest spiel (or monologue), filler word usage, and patience.


Using Smart Recording with AI Companion


The AI Companion Whiteboard uses artificial intelligence for an improved Whiteboard experience.  Users can generate ideas, refine and extend existing content, and add objects to a Whiteboard canvas with a single click.


Using Whiteboard Content Generation with AI Companion


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