Technology Support at The Hub

The University of Dayton hosts some classes at The Hub at the Dayton Arcade. Technical support for this space is provided by DataYard. A few technology things to know if you'll be taking classes or teaching in this space: 

  1.  Questions about technology in The Hub should be directed to
  2. If you're enrolled in a class that meets at The Hub, you'll receive a welcome email from "The Hub Dayton" shortly before the semester with instructions for connecting to The Hub's technology resources.
  3. The Hub supports Eduroam Wi-Fi connections. If you're connected to Eduroam when you're on campus, you'll automatically connect at The Hub, too.
  4. If you're using a UD-owned machine at The Hub, you can download Crestron AirMedia software (for presenting to The Hub's room displays from your device) from the Portal Manager.
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