Technology Support at The Hub


Information about technology for those taking classes or teaching at The Hub in the Dayton Arcade


The University of Dayton hosts some classes at The Hub at the Dayton Arcade. Technical support for this space is provided by DataYard. A few technology things to know if you'll be taking classes or teaching in this space: 

  1.  Questions about technology in The Hub should be directed to
  2. If you're enrolled in a class that meets at The Hub, you'll receive a welcome email from "The Hub Dayton" shortly before the semester with instructions for connecting to The Hub's technology resources.
  3. The Hub supports Eduroam Wi-Fi connections. If you're connected to Eduroam when you're on campus, you'll automatically connect at The Hub, too.
  4. If you're using a UD-owned machine at The Hub, you can download Crestron AirMedia software (for presenting to The Hub's room displays from your device) from the Portal Manager.



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