Processing UD-Affiliated Credit Card Payments

Sometimes UD faculty, staff and students need to manage payments on behalf of a University unit, program or organization. For instance: 

  • Student club product or event fees
  • Intersession activity fees
  • Conference or camp registrations
  • Reunion weekend activities or products
  • Donations

Payments accepted for University-affiliated activities must be managed securely, in accordance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations, to protect UD from liability. UD offers several tools to help you manage credit card payments securely and easily, both in-person and online, through TouchNet Marketplace

Accepting Online Payments

UD’s TouchNet Marketplace allows campus entities to easily create, manage, and operate online storefronts, registration sites, and secure payment pages. Marketplace offers three tools: 


uPay allows you to accept payments from an existing website. Use uPay if you have an existing website on which you can modify the programming.  


uStores are self-contained online stores to sell products, take conference registrations, accept donations, or disseminate electronic media - no programming expertise required. Visit UD’s uStores.

Accepting In-Person Payments

A Marketplace Point-of-Sale (POS) device lets you accept secure in-person payments anywhere on or off campus including conferences, camps, sporting events, donations, dues, parking and more. 

Get Started with Touchnet Marketplace

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Learn more about uStores, uPay, and TouchNet Marketplace

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