Zoom / Google Calendar Integration

The Zoom / Google Calendar Integration feature enables you to automatically create a Zoom meeting as part of Google Calendar events.

Step 1: Create a Google Calendar Event

Create a Google Calendar Event and enter all the desired information while leaving out the room/location information.

If you click on the Zoom for GSuite icon (located on the left sidebar of Google Calendar), proceed to Step 3.


Step 2: Add Zoom Conferencing

In the field where you would usually define the room or location, choose the option to Add conferencing and then select Zoom Meeting.


Step 3: First Time Configuration

NOTE: Step 3 only needs to be performed the first time you use the Zoom Google Calendar integration.

  1. Associate your udayton.edu account with the Zoom Google Calendar App.
  2. When prompted, Allow the app to have access to your Google account.
  3. Choose the option to Sign In with SSO.

  4. Enter udayton for the Zoom domain.

  5. Sign-in with UD username and password credentials.

  6. When prompted, Authorize the app to enable it use your Zoom account.
  7. Save your meeting.

    The Zoom meeting will automatically associate with the event, and it will also appear in your Zoom account under Meetings. All invited attendees will have the Join Link.


For additional assistance with Zoom, please contact the IT ServiceCenter at itservicecenter@udayton.edu or 937-229-3888.

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