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Complete this form to request repurposed IT equipment for campus use.

Complete this form to request repurposed IT equipment for your nonprofit organization.

Use this form to request pickup and disposal of UD-owned IT equipment.

All IT equipment (including laptops, towers, monitors, and local/network printers) qualifies for an IT equipment move per the fee schedule outlined below. Mice, keyboards, speakers, cables, and scanners are eligible to be moved as well, but only if they are part of the workstation being moved.

IT Equipment tagged by UDit will be disposed of at no cost. Untagged network printers, towers, monitors, televisions, typewriters or laptops and faculty/staff personal IT equipment will be disposed of for a fee

Request a new asset tag for equipment purchased with any UD funds.

Are you University Libraries Staff and need to borrow equipment?

Complete this form if you have an upcoming event and would like a classroom support technician to be present beforehand to help the presenter get connected to the event equipment.

Request IT Task

Use this form to request pick up and recycling of large items or a large quantity of items; or full battery tube /cartridge collection bins from your campus location.

Request computer setup for employees.

Consent from your Dean, VP or Associate Provost is required prior to completing this form.
Once submitted, this request will be forwarded to senior staff in Facilities for review.

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