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Use Google Groups to communicate and collaborate with a group of people

Use this form to request a new Box group for managing folder permissions.

Use this form to request a Qualtrics Group.

Need to add or remove members of a Google Group? Check all that apply.

Use this form to request a new Box folder for your department or working group.

Advancement Research Request

The Research Request form is used to request Prospect Research requests. This is for Advancement Division use. The Advancement Services Research group will review your request and if needed, will contact you to discuss next steps.

UD's Google sites provide collaborative web pages which faculty, teams or working groups can use to publish and access a variety of information in one place - including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments and text - and easily share it for viewing or editing. A Google site allows you to incorporate many of the other services available to you within the UD Google Apps suite.

Advancement Data Request

Advancement Data Request for Emails: Use this service to request Recipient Lists for Emails

A shared mailbox provides a means to receive email at a general (rather than personal) address. Mail is delivered to a centralized location where it can be accessed by up to 25 people.

Use this form to request the addition of a Google Additional Service or Marketplace App into our UD G Suite environment.