Message Delivery Options

Personal Distribution Lists

Even though voicemail users are not able to send a blanket distribution list to all voicemail users, users can create up to nine personal distribution lists (each name = 1 digit). Each list can contain up to 99 entries.

A personal distribution list can contain all of the same types of addresses to which one can send a composed message, except to other personal distribution lists. All entries should be 5 digits long, the same as our on-campus extensions.

Create a personal distribution list 

  • While logged in to your mailbox, press 8 5

  • To play your lists, press *

  • You will be prompted to enter the distribution list number you wish to review followed by the # sign. (Numbers are 1- 9)
    - The system will tell you if you have entered a number that has no entries.

  • Choose a digit from one to nine to name your distribution list

  • Enter it, then press #

  • Press 5 to start entering addresses/extensions into the list

  • Enter the first address/extension, then press #

  • Continue to enter addresses/extensions, pressing # after each one

  • To cancel a number if entered wrong, press 0 #

  • When the list is complete, press #

  • When you are finished, press 4 to return to your messages

Play, edit or delete a personal distribution list

After you create a personal distribution list, you can play it to hear all the addresses, add to it, delete it, and search for addresses in the list.

  • While logged in to your mailbox, press 85

  • Enter the distribution list number, then press #

  • To play the contents of the list, press 2

  • To add addresses to the list, press 5, - Enter each address, then press #. When the list is complete, press #.

  • To delete THE ENTIRE LIST, press 76

    • NOTE: If 76 is accidentally pressed, the list can be restored immediately by pressing 76 again BEFORE GOING TO THE NEXT FUNCTION.

  • To search for an address in the list so you can add it or delete it, press 6

  • Enter the address, then press #.   A system message will advise you if the address/extension is in the list

  • If it is not already there, you can add it by pressing 5

  • If the address is already in the list, you can delete it by pressing 76

  • When you are finished, press 4 to return to your messages

Name addressing

Phone numbers or extensions can be entered by spelling a person's name on the telephone keypad instead of entering a number

Name Addressing can be used for:

  • Addressing a Composed Message

  • Creating a Distribution List

  • Express Messaging

To Address By Name

  1. When the Avaya Aura system message prompts you for a mailbox number, enter the Name Addressing prefix, 6 0

    • If you do not know the prefix, press *

  2. Spell the last name, then the first name

    • For Q, press 7

    • For Z, press 9

For example, to reach Quinn, Bob, dial 78466262.

  1. If you don't know the complete name, enter the first few letters, then press #

    • Select from the list of possible matches for the name

    • You can stop spelling the name as soon as the system announces a match. You do not have to press #

    • The message is automatically addressed with the mailbox number for this name

  2. If the name is part of a list of addresses, continue to enter addresses

  3. When you are finished, press # to end the list

Special Message Handling


When a message is created, special tags are available to the sender that will tell the voice mail system exactly how the message is to be handled. A message is tagged BEFORE sending it. Multiple tags can be used on one message.  These tags can be removed and changed before the message is actually sent.

NOTE: All messages are handled as "Standard" unless otherwise setup by the user

Message Tag Options

  • Standard - No special handling is setup

  • Urgent - These messages are announced when the user logs in. These messages also have a higher priority and will be sent before a standard message if they both are initiated at the same time

  • Private - Private messages cannot be forwarded to another user

  • Timed Delivery - Messages can be tagged to be sent at a specific time on a specific date

How to Tag a Message

After composing a message or calling and leaving a message, press 7 0

  1. Choose the message tag option

  • For Urgent Delivery, touch 1

  • For Private Delivery, touch 4

  • For Timed Delivery, touch 6 (See below)

  1. To send the message, press 7 9

Timed Delivery

For timed delivery, press 7 0 6

  • Enter the month, followed by # If current month, day or time, press ONLY #

  • Enter the day, followed by #

  • Enter the Hour, Minutes, followed by #

Press 1 for a.m. or 2 for p.m.

To SEND, press 7 9

For delivery at 8:30 a.m. on February 14

Month 2 #
Day 14 #
HourMinutes 830 # 1

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