Voicemail Message Commands

Retrieving Messages

  1. Log in

  2. Touch 2 to play

  3. Touch 6 to go to next message

  4. Touch 4 to go to previous message

Message Play Options

Play part or all of any message as many times as you like, move freely through your mailbox, forward to the next message, go backward to the previous one

1 - Skip backward 5 seconds at a time
# - Pause during playback
2 - Play the message just described/continue playback
3 - Skip forward 5 seconds at a time
4 - Go to the previous message
6 - Go to the next message

NOTE: You might find this special playback feature helpful; press 23 (up to three times) to speed the message up, then press 21 to slow it back to its original pace.

Deleting Messages

  1. After listening to a message, touch 7 6

  2. Hang up

Undeleting Messages

If 7 6 is pressed a second time on a particular message before hanging up, the message will not be deleted.

Sending / Composing Messages

  1. Log in

  2. Touch 7 5 to compose a message

  3. Follow system Prompts

  4. Enter a list of mailboxes (5-digits each), separated by the # sign

  5. Touch # sign, again, after last mailbox number

  6. To begin recording message, touch 5

  7. To end recording, touch # sign

  8. To review message, touch 2

  9. To add to the message, repeat Steps 5 & 6

  10. To send the message, touch 7 9

Reply to a Message

  1. Touch 7 1 at end of message, but not after message is deleted or skipped

NOTE: Replies can only be to other University of Dayton voicemail users.

Call Sender

  1. After listening to a message, before you hang up, touch 9 to call the sender's telephone immediately

  2. Speak to the sender

  3. Hang up when finished

Forward a Message 

Send a copy of a message that you have received in your mailbox, to someone else by:

  1. After listening to a message, touch 7 3

  2. Enter a list of mailboxes:

    1. Enter the first mailbox number then, #. (The system will announce either the mailbox number just entered or a personal verification if one has been recorded.)

    2. Enter each of the remaining mailbox numbers, then #, separately. (Repeat this step for as many recipient mailbox numbers that are needed.)

  3. End the list by pressing the # again.

NOTE: If you do not know the number of a voice mail subscriber, you may use the NAME ADDRESSING. Press 6 0. Begin entering subscriber's last name, then first name. For the letter Q press 7 for the letter Z press 9.  The system will tell you when a match has been found.

NOTE: To delete an incorrectly input mailbox number, press 0, then #.

  1. You will then be able to record a personal message to announce why the call is being forwarded that will be played to each of the mailbox ID(s) before the actual forwarded message is heard by each recipient.

    1. To begin recording, press 5,

    2. to end recording press 


  2. To Review your personal message, press 2

  3. To Send Press 7 9

NOTE: For Message Help Touch 7 *

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